Frances Moore Ranson BA(Hons) Relationship Counsellor located in Bognor Regis West Sussex MBACP Registered. 

A fully qualified professional Therapist specialising in relationships Family, Couples, Individuals , Children and Elderly.

I practice with  Carl Rogers core conditions of – congruence (realness), acceptance, empathy and unconditional positive regard.


Family should be our comfort zone and our sanctuary. We should feel unconditionally supported and loved by one another.

A Relationship is formed when we become familiar with one another.

Making your home life safe and secure is the foundation to a happy family.

Insecurities create feelings of anxiety and can bring on illness if untreated.

Life begins with our parents and family, they are the foundation to who we are.

Your respect for others is paramount to your future well-being.

We have experienced a communication revolution in the last 50 years; Mobile phones, computers and more recently Iphones have changed the way that we connect with other people. There are two sides to this change ..on the one hand we are able to connect with others in a immediate way;  ( text or email messages) .on the other hand meaningful and deep communication  is becoming more problematic.

Real emotional connections are becoming harder to achieve for some!  Relationship expectations are becoming greater; The Media promote the idea of perfect partners / family which is unrealistic.

My aim is to promote this deep and meaningful communication in order to put relationships back on track. The environment I offer is a peaceful and comfortable confidential  Sanctuary to enable you to actually listen to each other.