My Counselling Service located in West Sussex

What happens in a counselling session? 


What brought you to counselling?

Individual: 1:1 

  • Where are you in yourself? How do you feel? (Angry? Anxious, Helpless? Out of control of your situation?
  • What’s really going on for you?
  • Can you change this situation?
  • Do you want to change things?
  • Seeing the bigger picture………
  • Acceptance………..


Two Skydivers In FreefallWorking together, looking at the relationship together, exploring differences that are creating discomfort. Learning to communicate in a way that works for both of you. Listening to each other’s concerns. Are you good together? Do you understand each other, respect, trust, love each other? What do you each want for the future?


Looking at the relationship. 

counselling west sussex What is the cause of family breakdown? How do you begin to repair it without damaging it further.

Children are fragile and vulnerable, they require a lot of Tender Loving Care to thrive, but what they give back is absolute joy.

Depending on group numbers for family/Group, I will need to arrange special venue in advance.
I believe in freedom of expression. 
Communication can be expressed in many ways; verbally or creatively:

  • Talking – Saying it as it is
  • Imagery – Photographs, Drawings, Paintings, Objects
  • Music – A particular tune/song, Playing an instrument
  • Story – Role play, Audio Book, Characters
  • Metaphors – Meaning, One step removed
  • Pebbles – Objective role play
  • Meditation – Breathing exercises, Body awareness

Sessions last for 1 hour

48 hour cancellation notice required for couples or individuals, deposit required for family counselling TBA, unless unforeseeable situations…i.e illness. (See Fees page)

Confidentiality at all times.

Below is an example of how the sessions  could progress:

At least 6 weekly sessions is recommended
With a review at the 6th session, as to whether further sessions are needed.
Session 1 – Introduction – Your Story
(Forming a relationship between the client and myself)
Session 2 – Beginning your journey/Self-Discovery
Sessions 3 & 4 – Highlighting and understanding the key issues
Session 5 – Working through/Resolving the issues
Session 6 – Summary – Finding a way forward

A Brief session* can be arranged for advice and guidance
*Brief sessions consist of 1 hours

* This is an idea of how a session ould progess, but will depend on your needs.